Which One Is Better – Skid-Steer or Truck to Plow Snow?

Most of the people find it tough to decide between a truck and a skid steer to deal with a snow stuck event. This article will look at the features of both these types of snowplows to find which one excels over others.

Which is ideal snowplow: skid-steer or truck with snowplow?

Plowing an area with the help of truck doesn’t require you any backup. It doesn’t have any 0 turns that is seen in case of a skid-steer. In case of a truck, half of the time is spent in backing up as one can plow it only in a single direction. The local municipality makes use of reversible or fixed skid steer plows to remove the snow to specific side of a road at relatively high speeds.

With angling, the machine user can throw the snow away from garage doors and cars. Rather than requiring to “back-drag” each and every area in the parking lot, skid-steer snowplow moves through all parked cars efficiently.

Hiniker snow plow is designed to provide you the most efficient snow removal services in less effort. You will find a variety of snowplows to suit varying needs. Some of the popular models being stainless steel tilt-lift plows, skid steers conventional plows, skid steer V-plow, skid steer reversible C- Plows, loader snow plows, skid steer scoop plow and many more.

Maneuver capabilities

The truck will require to backup. It has a large space that makes it easy to turn around. This will help in attacking the snow again. In case of a skid steer, you don’t require as much space. However, you will find more maneuverability with a skid steer. Users get the ability to remove the plow at an angle using hydraulic hookups.

Stacking ability

Using a skid steer snow plow, you get to enjoy infinite stacking ability. At the same time, when you use a truck, you can only stack to a level of the blade. It can’t go high beyond a certain level. You will need a loader to come out and drag the snow away afterward.


Choosing between a skid steer and a truck snow plow is a tricky decision that requires performing a good amount of research on its features.  If you replace a pickup truck using snowplow by skid-steer, then the profitability gets increased to several times. Your area will look better very quickly and with fewer manpower and equipment.